Round the World Cycle 2018

Iona Hassan's Round the World Cycle

Iona volunteered with Inspire Malawi in 2017, she helped to develop the Permacuture Garden at Mlanda Primary School and distributed school books to Banda Hill School, giving her a chance to view our newly build classrooms there. Following her experince in Malawi, and seeing our work first hand, she decided to take on a mammoth challenge in order to raise funds for further development at Banda Hill School. Cycle the length of Britain... no... of Malawi?... no.. Iona opted to  CYCLE ROUND THE WORLD! 

Iona pedaled her way from Roscoff, France to Venice, Italy in July 2017 which formed the first leg of her journey. In February 2018she will then drop down into Africa, pedalling from Kenya’s east coast (through Malawi) to Cape Town, South Africa. Then it's cycling from Kathmandu, Nepal to Mandalay, Myanmar (making up the India/China miles by cycling as many coast to coast events across Britain and other famous UK routes as possible in Summer 2018!). A quick hop across Australia from Perth to Sydney in 2019 and then it's the final stint across the USA the same year. Sometimes on the road alone and sometimes with friends, old and new, She hopes she can make it. With your support she's sure she can!

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Iona's training began in Wiltshire, UK, where she lives. Cycling in, and around, Wiltshire's picturesque countryside littered with historical sites and som rather large hills! She also completed the North Coast 500 in Scotland in May 2017 as part of her fitness training.

Part 1: France to Italy 2017

Iona pedaled her way from Roscoff, France to Venice, Italy in July 2017