2019: Theke Primary School

Theke Primary School

We were first contacted by the community of Theke Primary School in 2016 when the Head Teacher, Mr Mbewe, wrote and invited Michelle to come and view the poor facilities at their School. As developing Banda Hill at this time, an initial site visit was not conducted until October 2018 and it became apparent that they were in urgent need of support. With two, community built brick classrooms, the mud-brick Church and a classroom made of grass, the facilities were indeed very poor. Things became worse in the spring of this year, when Cyclone Idai struck the coast of Mozambique. Stong winds and rain whipped up the Rift Valley and ripped the roof from Theke Primary School. It demolished the Church and left many houses damaged. 

In March, our team of builders arrived at Theke and spent the next few months working hand in hand with the community to build two new, safe classrooms. The rooms were painted and decorated by a team of our volunteers from Spain, Malawi and UK and were furnished with desks and chairs thanks to support from The Fonthill Foundation. The building was officially opened on Saturday 2nd November 2019 and handed over to the community. In the coming months we are looking to rennovate the two brick classrooms remaining on site and to develop a Library. The community have, of thier own accord, started to develop a Permaculture Garden; something we will be nurturing with them as we move into rainy season. 


Dreaming in colour

The opening ceremony of the new block was attended by local leaders, Chiefs and community members. During his speech, the Headmaster, Mr Mbewe, commented on the remarkable transformation of the learning environment for his pupils;

''This is not a small thing. Now we can can dream in colour''.

Next steps...

In November 2019, with support from The Fonthill Foundation, we will be drilling a borehole at Theke Primary School.

The next stage in the developement project is two fold:

  • We will be rennovating the existing, damaged, two classroom block.
  • We will be devloping a small library on site to serve the pupils and wider community.