Building inspiration through education

A pupil in one of our new rooms

Building Inspiration through Education

At Inspire Malawi our aim is to support, promote and enhance Primary and Secondary Education in Malawi by:

1) Providing a more inspiring teaching and learning environment

2) Providing continuing professional development (CPD) courses for teachers   

3) Developing School Permaculture Gardens; educating young Malawians on how to tend land sustainably


See our work in action with our new promotional film!

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About Malawi 

Malawi is situated just south of the East African Rift Valley and is one of the poorest countries in the world. Since becoming an independent nation in 1964 this beautiful, land locked country has worked and worked to build an education system that reaches every child. However, as with many developing nations, progress is a slow and costly, and many schools in Malawi struggle to meet the needs of every child due to overcrowding and poor facilities.

Since 2003 founder of Inspire Malawi, Michelle Rowe, has been leading groups of volunteers to the country who work hand in hand with communities to repair and redecorate their schools. Inspire Malawi is working in Ntcheu and Dedza Districts with a focus on rural village schools in Lizulu Zone.

Money raised is used to;

  • Repair damaged walls, floors, doors and windows                                       

  • Decorate classroom walls with colours, paintings and diagrams

  • Provide new desks 

  • Supply teaching and learning resources for a variety of subjects

  • Provide new sports equipment/apparatus

  • Build additional classrooms,administration blocks, libraries and toilets  

  • Develop a Permaculture Garden

About Our Fundraising

Some of the stories of our dedicated fundraisers are as inspiring as the communities and projects that we work with. In 2015, our founder, Michelle, became the first British woman to walk the length of Malawi in order to raise funds. In 2016, Inspire Malawi trustee, Jess, took on her own challenge - the London Marathon - to raise funds for a new school block in Dedza District. 

Go, Iona!

Currently we have an incredible, brave and inspiring woman cycling round the WORLD for Inspire Malawi.... One of our volunteers in 2017 was Ms Iona Hassan, from Scotland, who was so inspired by our work that she decided to set herself the unbelievable challenge of cycing round the World! She is currently in Kenya, and will spend the next three months cycling down to Cape Town, South Africa! GO IONA!! You can follow her journey here, on our website, and for more regular updates check out our Instagram and Twitter Accounts @inspire_malawi


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Learn more about Michelle's challenge by reading our Racing the Rains blog or donate now.